Sunday, May 21, 2017


By today the Sultan of Selangor should have intervened against the prolong political crisis in the state of Selangor. If it is to prolong, it might exacerbate political tension and might also endanger the safety of the country and the nation in general.

The crisis is not just merely concerned about political affairs, but it also affects religion, dignity and racial pride and belief system.  Political conscience and debates may not always work for every politician - a human animal whose minds by all means is thinking about winning – this is the price of globalization  which needs a very sophisticated approach to handle human prejudice.

The decision of PAS to sever its cooperation with the PKR has given a big blow to the state government of Selangor.

Subsequently, PKR President, Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said the party wanted all the PKR political appointees in the Kelantan government to quit forthwith. The question is, how about the other 13 PAS representatives in the Selangor state?

If the PR forfeit the three exco from PAS, the party had hinted that the 13 PAS exco member in the Pakatan will surely leave from the PR government in the state of Selangor meaning that the Pakatan side on the edge  with only 29 assemblymen  in the 56-seat state assembly.
What makes the PR is so convinced that they can fully operate the government and fully resolved problems faced by the people of Selangor whereas it has little voice in making decisions. Sabotage, bias, negative perception, nonchalant attitude of the assembly members may not be easily hidden. Obviously, there is no compromise on both sides pertaining to the importance of race, religion and ideology. Selangor will continually suffer from excos’ ideological battle which have resulted in the lack of conscience about dishing up peoples' problems.

When three ideologies merge, all hell broke loose because the parties failed to conform to the common goals, or there is no goal at all. Is it possible  for PR to have one goal, while on the contrary each party extols liberal democratic secularism. Does this ideology fit into Islamic beliefs which is carried by PAS for a generation?

It has proven that the conflict in the PR is about religion. The PAS  announced that the party will sever ties with Parti Keadilan Rakyat based on its interpretation of Islam regarding the relationships with the liberals.  The reason was because PKR has not supported PAS  but instead opposed PAS' Islamic agenda such as RUU355, attack PAS leadership and betrayed the political relation by working with others especially the Pakatan Harapan to topple the Kelantan government.

The unmannerly comment from The PKR Deputy President aggravates more political tension when  Azmin Ali chided PAS members as “Tok Lebai”, that denotes a conservative Islamic thought which is clearly affecting the sensitivity of ulamas in PAS. Not but that  everyone in the coalition namely the PKR, the DAP, the party Amanah Negara and the newly established coalition the PACT of Hope  have made themselves available to lecture about religion with the intention to downgrade the role of PAS.

Selangor, a state that is known to have been progressing in economy as a result of  hard work and commitment of the government of the past that is the BN. So the PR is supposed to work on for the betterment of the people of Selangor. Unfortunately, it seems that the PR administration is lacking intelligence in ruling the state. Their actual political behaviour of antagonism begin to surface.  They cannot compromise their ideology. They cannot think about ideology of a common goal.

The PR came into existence when the three parties agreed upon forming a coalition, most of the members are defunct members either from UMNO or PAS. The party aims to topple the government through the election and they did. In the PRU 13, the PR won the state of Selangor. The truth is that both the defunct UMNO and PAS members continue with their antagonistic behavior, including the DAP in which the majority of its member are Chinese who came out to challenge the government’s policy on bumiputra in 1969.

The PR is still searching for its own identity. Obviously, it is excessively young to govern the multi-racial and multi-religious societies.  Neither does it work for the betterment of all people, nor does it provide freedom for them. What is obvious, the PR government is adding more confusion in their minds of the citizenry with an ideology that is foreign to them and not even suitable with their lifestyle and thinking.

Liberal democracy, secularism and socialism are terms that please their ears and yet it is only to discombobulate the whole system of a country.  What is more the politics of zero sum game as manifested by the opposition party, especially, the government of Selangor is really unscrupulous.

Unlike the Barisan Nasional, it survives a long way ever since Malaya gained independence until today. The UMNO, MCA and the MIC  existed before Independence with one common goal of liberating the land from the British. The triumphant victory in the first election resulted in the spirit of oneness among the party members to bring Malaya to a pedestal of economic success regardless of race and religion. The nature of politics of the three parties can be described as this; if you deliver the goods, an institution of better land would always be possible and the rewards that you must work hard to establish that your present  situation would be more beneficial than the past.

The political crisis in Selangor state is not simple and it might not settle offhand. The crisis involves human prejudice that might create more war. As Jarome D. Frank describes in his work, Law of the modern mind;

Once we cast another group in the role of enemy, we know that they are to be distrusted- that they are evil incarnate. We then twist all their communication to fit our beliefs.

To  the Selangor state political leaders I would wish to articulate this, mankind cannot change overnight. Liberal majority rule and the secularist concept of politics of western model which always refers to an Islamic  layman as an immoral life  belongs to western people. It is a nightmare, if the secularist and liberal system  are our alternatives. We are prejudiced people and our constitution is already almost too perfect. The Chinese and Indian and other races in this country should accept and  learn to compromise undoubtedly in order to create a large commonwealth of its sort. Liberal and secularist mind should be kept safe in the individual moral sense. Because it will not function in a moderate Islamic country such as Malaysia.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Becoming Hannah, a book written by Hannah Yeoh, the speaker and the member of the Selangor State Assembly from the DAP exposed that the DAP (Democratic action Party) is not liberal as what the party claims. And she has also openly declared that her achievement at the top in politics is supported by the Christian movements.

What is an irony, the DAP ideological concept of liberal democratic and secularism, which sounded frightening to the Malay and Islam, particularly the PAS, (an Islamic Party of Malaysia) becomes more intimidating when one of its members who holds power over the state of Selangor declared that her participation in politics alone as to fulfill her dream to revive the Malaysian system of government according to Christian mold. This has created a new page in the history of Islam in Malaysia.

Not only Hannah a Christian, but more than a thousand DAP members are Christian, Buddhists, non religious believers and the Malay/DAP either those who preach Islam or ignore about the teaching of Islam. The DAP again, further daunting the Islamic members in the Pakatan Rakyat (the Selagor coalition government).

Apparently, the political crisis in Selangor state between PAS and the DAP is about Islam and liberal pseudo-christian in which saw the divergence among the coalition members in Pakatan Rakyat that appeared they could not agree among themselves when they begin to question each other ideology, political principle and beliefs, But in undertaking to resolve it, they seem to have run into the gamut of government. Forgetting that they should have dished up the people of Selangor instead of strengthen their beliefs - The democratic, secularist and socialist ideology that they claimed to be is hypocritical.

As a result, the biggest Islamic party in Malaysia, the PAS has severed ties due to its divergent thoughts and political principle with its member coalition. After about 8 years in coalition with the Pakatan Rakyat, PAS finally shows its frustration towards the direction the coalition has treated its aspiration in reinforcing and strengthening Islamic values in the state, for example following a course with the DAP to enforce hudud in Kelantan, the RUU 355 case and etc.

The puzzling question about the Selangor political crisis, eventually answered. Why the PAS sever ties with the DAP is all bogged down to the conflicts of beliefs between Islam and the pseudo- Christian in the DAP. In its Muktamar, the PAS youth wing and its ulamas were passing the motion to sever all cooperation with the Pakatan Rakyat.

Just immediately after PAS announced its stand, The Menteri Besar of Selangor, Azmin Ali advised the PAS exco members to vacant the Selangor’s exco sits. Azmin’s decision has further reinforced our believe that the DAP has won the war in splitting the power of the Malays and Islam in the Pakatan Rakyat.

When Hannah Yeoh, top ranking DAP’s member published her book and simultaneously confessed that her participation in politics is supported by the Christian organization either through monetary fund or through campaign, and how she uses political platform to disseminate the Christian influence in the country, this proves that the DAP is not solely exist as a liberal and secularist party but it delivers a central mission to put down Islam. On the same line, she further argued has all oversea Christians to be involved in politics as she had done in order to develop Malaysia according to Christian mold.

Either she realizes it or not, her obsession towards Christian religion is dangerous to Malaysia. Using Christian religion as a vehicle to achieve her political aims is frightening us,. Hannah writes;

It is here that I want to specially address the OCFers (Oversea Christian Fellowship),wherever you are now, to never forget the mission of being trained and equipped and returning home to serve…We want to encourage fellow OFCers to come home. There is much work to be done to rebuild this beautiful nation. Just like Nehemiah is overseeing the reconstruction of Jeruselem’s wall, everyone has to be at it, working God’s wants to reclaim politics and public service in Malaysia for righteousness’ sake. God fearing men and women who are willing to roll up their sleeves and labour in this very demanding field. No experience in politics? Remember, I had none. No finances? I had none. Not a good time yet? I just got married when I ran my first campaign. He uses very ordinary vessels to do extraordinary things. He does this so his name is glorified.

Hannah, or specifically the DAP should have realized that more than a generation, Islam has been handed down by the Malay’s ancestors as true religion to practice by each individual so-called a Malay. The supreme ruler of Malaysia is The Yang DI Pertuan Agong, the Sultans are Malays and the majority is the Malays who took Islam as a mode of life. They built Islamic institutions and systems and strengthen the value of Islam up until today. Clearly the organization provides the freedom of faith to other races, no religious oppression in the state. So is there any more dissatisfaction among the Christian preachers who are willing to survive against the existing power by encouraging other Christian believers to rebuild another system of organization based on the Christian mold?

What about the DAP, this party is likewise dangerous to the Malays and Muslims in general. Thousands of Christians in the DAP and, perhaps, there are hundreds and maybe thousands of the DAP members like Hannah Yeoh, who ambitiously wants to curve back the Christian dignity into Malaysia.

If Hannah’s aspiration and goals come true, to rebuild Malaysia, according to Christian mold, then Hannah and its party the DAP is dangerous in which their ambition might bring Malaysia into war of religion. Appearing at the retrospective of religious war, campaign, spoken communications are the most serious weapon to fuel the sentiment of hatred among the believers. Christians against the Muslims to recover the Holy Land, particularly Jerusalem, the initial impetus for the Crusade was a revitalization of religious excitement, as an urge by Pope Urban II through his fiery speech at the council of Clermont.

Will “Becoming Hannah” and the DAP become a threat to the Malays and Islam? Apparently the answer is yes. The Pakatan Rakyat will disappear, buried by its Malay/Muslim members.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Mahathir Mohammad: Something He can’t Vouch
The Malay should take a measure of precaution, the DAP will be stronger than ever after Tun Mahathir made a rebuttal that the DAP is not a Chinese chauvinist political party, but the MCA is.

In his blog, Che, Mahathir says; It is quite strange that the Malays are readily accepted the MCA in which its membership consists of 100% Chinese and obviously having close ties with the Communist Party of China.

He said, at one time, the MCA demanded the government to create a second Deputy Prime Minister post for the MCA member which was not an issue to the Malay.
Mahathir claimed that the DAP, unlike the MCA, open its memberships to all races, Its membership comprises of different races, therefore it is not a Chinese chauvinist party as claimed by many of its opponents.

There is some truth in his argument, but in the context of Malaysian politics, Mahathir’s reasoning has still remained doubtful.

The UMNO and the MCA were born together in the thick of political darkness. After Malaya gained Independence both parties compromised to stand by the constitution and uphold the reign of the Malay ruler. The request of the second deputy prime minister after so long serving the country is not a big issue. The MCA can ask anything as long as it doesn't touch the sensitivity of race and Malay belief system.

The MCA has a relationship with the defunct Moa’s regime is immaterial.  The people Republic of China had changed its political course during the reign of Deng Zio Peng. The China open economic policy becomes a stage for the global market. And the country is not anymore a threat to Malaysia. Along similar lines, the same goes to the DAP, the Chief Minister of Penang is said to have a relationship with the Israel.

The truth is, no one will deny that the MCA leaders had teamed up their effort during the country’s economic downturn, all leaders were putting all of their energy to ensure that the citizenry were not in abject poverty. That's what history has shown us. The MCA obeyed the constitution, compromised by agreeing with the Malay on increasing Malay economic quota up to 30%. The Malay has been coming along so well, in education, economy and other social importance and religious matter without harboring a feeling of hatred towards UMNO.

The MCA seems well adopted and has honored the constitution and lived on under the Malay premiership. MCA’s social conservative ideology is in line with the UMNO in which both are maintaining their principle to protect their interest within the realm of compromise. Never in a million year, the MCA will sabotage the government for not full-filling their request.

Perhaps, Mahathir would agree to this. The word asking or requesting and demanding are two distinctive words, Asking denotes someone is more polite asking a favor, expecting approval or disapproval, this relationship only occurs in the MCA/UMNO. And the word ‘demanding’ means that the person is trying to get something by force. Protest, street demonstration is a form of demanding over one’s dissatisfaction which is not always congruent with the rulers and normally it will yield political tension. The participation of the DAP and other opposition parties in the Bersih’s demonstration proves that the DAP’s behavior is outside the norm of compromise.

For a generation the concept of Malay rights has been chiseled in the Malay psyche. The UMNO political rival is the DAP. Liberal democracy or secularism is the number one enemy of the Malays and Islam because the concept will unplug the privileges that are enjoyed by the Malay at all levels. And Islam will be banished.

In reminiscence of the 1969 general election, the Malays are still blaming the DAP for igniting racial sentiment during a political campaign in the 69 general election against the federal government.

The concept of Malay right  that had been operating  in Malaysia since Independence had been disputed. The DAP campaigned against Bumiputra privileges outlined by article 153 of the constitution, made major gains in the election and this had haunted the minds of Malaysians.

The establishment of the DAP is not at all based on the agreement of race. But it existed only to advance the liberal democratic concept as to disseminate the concept of equal society due to privileges given to the Malays.

The DAP is said to be inspired by the PAP style of government, which is historically is hated by the Malay organization. It was led by Devan Nair and several others who at one time were the PAP members who inspired to establish a political mood of Singapore in Malaysia. Yet the party registration was rejected by ROS. Only after the name of the new party changed its name to the DAP and Devan Nair was the Secretary General of the party.
Looking back at the political history of the establishment of the DAP during Tunku, and  the political crisis between the PAP led by  Lee Kuan Yew with Perikatan - it is scary. The crisis was bogged down to racial and political ideology.

Even though we have not seen the same precedent in today's DAP political approach, but suffice to say that the ideology of social democratic and secularism is a big threat to UMNO and the Malay people in general. We could also say, the DAP must have been successful to some extent shipping their ideology into the Malay mind. Apparently, up until today the political orientation of the DAP remains the same.

The Malay perceived the Singapore’s model of government is DAP’s choice, How will it run the country?  Hypothetically, the Malay rights and the power of the King and Sultan will be deleted. And Malaysia will be a republic just like Singapore.

 Mahathir understood well the process of politics in Malaysia. He is well informed that what will happen if the DAP is in power and the democratic social secularist system is being exercised in Malaysia- the pride of Malay religion-Islam and Malay special privileges will be deleted.

As to convince that the Malay privileges would stay, he poses quantitative measure, stating that it would be impossible for Lim Kit Siang to be the prime Minister if the Pakatan Harapan win the election. The DAP has lesser seats than its member of constituent shares.

Again Mahathir’s rationalizes, even though if the pack win the election, it is not been feasible that the king, the sultan and the article 153 in the constitution will be abolished.  The DAP has lesser power over another member of the constituent. Since the Malay member of the component is bigger in number compared to the DAP than the Malay  party  would solve most of the policies regarding the Malay interest.

The mathematical level of thought is not the only determinant factor that can be accepted as true in all given of the state of political business. Quantitative measures such as value and beliefs can give great effects in such a given situation. 

Even though, the Malay is dominant in the pack, dominant in the number of seats,  but could it be possible the contradictory values they have might not consolidate the value and beliefs that each individual has.

Liberal and secular mind is not in the scruples of an individual so called Muslim. The Pakatan Harapan consists of Malay party members whose Malay values  and Islam is stronger in their heart mostly those defunct UMNO and PAS members. They hate UMNO but not their religion and their identity.

Ironically, All parties agree to place the past behind them pretending that each of them can be equally safe as non Muslim. And yet in the public, they speak on the importance of race and religion and the words of promise are vibrating through their lips calling to vote them.

Compromise is the foundation of the liberal concept and the UMNO practices without sacrificing its belief system and values. In the Pakatan Harapan, will the member of the party is willing to compromise on its political principle in order to stay united? Does the member agree to  compromise in renewing the constitution for the purpose of obtaining the equal status and share among races?

No magic - the party, the DAP that has long been stigmatized  as a Chinese chauvinist party is being readily accepted by the Malays. Malays and Muslims in particular, whose bias ingrained in the wit for years might change their position overnight. Mahathir is asking the  Malay voters to take a chance on something he can't vouch.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


A Chinese Christian governor Ahok was defeated in Jakarta’s governor election (Pekida Jakarta) after he manifested blasphemy got attention from the Islamic world especially its neighboring country Malaysia.  Long applauded as a moderate and pluralist Muslim, Indonesia has its identity of resolving political debates about faith and the state matters by settling upon constitutional and democratic mechanism. Jakarta’s political drama worries Malaysia since Ahok’s case of blasphemy seems almost similar in fashion to the issue of RUU 355.

The political atmosphere in Jakarta has changed in the politics of religion. Ahok lost Muslims’ confidence as a governor of Jakarta when he was found guilty of blasphemy among the conservative Muslim and political elites. Conservative Muslims repeatedly condemn and regularly challenge the country’s position as a secular nation.

Ahok was insulting the Holy Quran, it became an issue of great importance to the Muslim in Indonesia and as a result, the Muslim community, a group of political elite and radical conservative organized street demonstration, and used all types of media channels, especially social media to ensure that Ahok will never win and never be the governor of Jakarta.

It seems also the shifting of political paradigm was taking place in Indonesia when Muslim voters agreed upon choosing Anies Beswadan, through hard-fought  to be their Governor as long as Ahok is not in power.

However, some political analysts say, It might not be the same  in Malaysia, the proposed amendment of sharia law, the RUU355  tabled by PAS president in the parliament recently cannot be the basis that the same unprecedented political event will be taking place in Malaysia. Religious factor is not the sole contributing factor of Ahok’s defeat.

However, our concern is, will this political scenario will bounce Malaysian politics? Parliament proceeding was in havoc whenever the PAS President started to read the sharia law amendment, the RUU355. Non-Muslim members of parliament were yielding and mocking his speech during his introduction, Those who mocked and wildly reacted to the speech were those who were ignorance about Islam.

This incident makes the majority of Muslims angry. Some ulama’ say failure to support PAS proposal is tantamount to belittling Islamic law which is distinctly stated in the Quran and Hadith. In general, Muslims, especially the PAS members and Islamic believers perceived that the regime and those who rejected the proposal are also against Islam, including the MCA, a component party of the Barisan Nasional and the DAP that is perceived by most Muslims as a party that strongly propagates racial extremism and anti-Islam.

PAS president Hadi Awang in his press conference support the new elected governor Beswadan and he called upon all Muslims to take as an example of Ahok’s defeat and at the same time, he called upon all Muslims to unite and strengthen their  faith. Ahok is a non-Mulim and radical politician who took his own way to retain the post as a governor by condemning the Quran and as a result, thousands of Muslim protestors came out on the street to condemn and severely attacked ahok’s character and credibility. Will it be the same in Malaysia?

The DAP, the MCA and some of the members of parliament were mocking an Islamic leader and belittling his effort to institute Islamic law for the improvement and yet the government simply takes the hand-off attitude pertaining to the subject.

The RUU 355 issue will be a fascinating and critical test of Najib’s administration and the democracy in Malaysia. Does the politics of religion will supersede the politics of race? By looking at the Malaysian political perspective, the importance of race predominates the nature of politics in Malaysia. For generations, the ruling government indulges its power through the power of race. The MCA protects the interest of the Chinese race, the MIC protects the interest of Indian race and the majority of the Malays are protected by the Malay political organization, UMNO. Presently, lead by Najib.

Surprised, In the midst of Malaysia’s internal political crisis, Hadi, a notable Islamic political leader was surprisingly coming out with his party’s proposal to amend the Syariah law which added the fuel to worsen the situation. Hadi’s voice might put the present government in a dilemma. The Malay are Muslims and the Malay are the majority race representing the Malaysian population. The Yang DI Pertuan Agung is a Muslim, the Sultans are Muslim. Although it may not be the subject of political influence in the long run, political hatred might be overwhelmed in  Malaysian politics because of the government is failing to separate faith and politics.

The RRU 355 case cannot be taken lightly  since there is a critical trial for a democratic organization in Malaysia. The country’s  decided law, the Syria and civil law, the former is applicable for Muslims and the latter for the non- Muslim and also a Muslim will in the long run ignite political hatred among the believers.

Faith cannot be debated among those who hold a different religion. It has become an irony, in which the parliament, which consist of different race and belief system are free to debate on one belief system, It means also any suggested law and amendment, by the member of  parliament can be discussed freely in the house of parliament. Would it be possible that a Muslim would allow their religion being insulted?

 A politician, should not look at things based on the opinion of law entirely. Human discretion yields fruitful ideas that can preserve the safety and benefit of human beings. In the case of Bill 355, from the legal point of view, maybe it was not  in line with the federal constitution, so it does not require to be tabled in parliament. But from the perspective of Islam, God’s laws must  prevail without denying the importance of other faith. Should government neglect or disassociate itself with the  opposition’s proposal of RUU 355 despite it being a significant factor can give strength to the government?


Imagine if the DAP rules the country. Everything we've dreamed of for the progress of the Malay vanished just once. It's also unsure that the article of 153 in the constitution that clearly protected the Malay rights will be kept. The Malay rights will be banished.  There will be a new system of governance so-called Malaysian Malaysia as what has been manifested by the DAP.

The present government and Barisan Nasional supporters, and in general the Malays and including the non-Bumi who have been  long enjoying the wealth and sustaining  the ruling government should have worried the stroking  of political change when the former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, a legendary Malay leader had openly announced his long time political enemy, Lit Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim as his political allies.  

A politician who sways by opinion and not by principle, Mahathir Mohammad, together with his son and the former Deputy Prime minister Muhyiddin Yasin appear in politics in a different political platform so called party Peribumi and later the party established a coalition so-called the Pakatan Harapan.

The Pakatan Harapan is a coalition party comprise of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), party Amanah Negara (AMANAH), Party Pribumi Bersatu PPBM)and the parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP). The parties’ coalition members carry their own intensity level and among the four parties, the DAP is the most established and the most powerful among the Chinese community.

Obsessed with rationalization, Mahathir’s political principle changed drastically. He is not any more interested in UMNO. The Malay right, the hegemony and supremacy is not in his dictionary. Mahathir attacked Najib’s administration and the UMNO without fear or favor. The embezzlement of  the 1MDB and Najib’s administration becomes predominant issue in his effort to topple the government in the PRU14 after failure to bring Najib to court for 1MDB scandal.
For this reason Mahathir established  a young party the PPBM and created an instantaneous political power through coalition party, hoping that Najib will be voted out in the following election.

Mahathir moves in politics with a vision not by principle. He was the prime minister, extols UMNO and its  struggle, for 22 years as a prime minister of Malaysia. Mahathir would not easily compromise with the adversary and his opponents. One of the most unforgettable to many of us, Mahathir put his opponents away in prison, Anwar Ibrahim, Ahmad Sabu Lim kit Siang, the late Karpal Singh many other opponents  party leaders.

A 91-Year old politician, Mahathir Mohamad, quit from UMNO member, even at one time a Malay hard core political fighter. Alas, today He will denounce Umno totally by forming party Pribumi Bersatu. The Malay struggle is not any more Mahathir dreamed off as he was the prime minister, but dissatisfaction against Najib’s administration and his vision to liberalize the Malay mentality in Umno and the Malay in general become essential.

Supposing Pakatan Harapan successfully ruled Malaysia, would it be possible that the Malay privileges will be still the same. Or Malaysia will go forward to be an Islamic state as pronounce by Mahathir during his presidential term. Whereas the concept of Malay hegemony and Malaysia as an Islamic country was dead against the DAP’s  political principle and struggle. The late Karpal Singh, at one time articulated, “ over his dead body that Malaysia will be coming an Islamic state.”

Historically, The DAP had sparked racial sentiment during a political campaign in the 69 general election against the federal government. The concept of Malay right  that had been operating  in Malaysia since Independence had been disputed. The DAP campaigned against Bumiputra privileges outlined by article 153 of the constitution, made major gains in the election. Voter turnout was 73.6%. The opposition won 54 seats in total causing the Alliance (Perikatan) lose its two-third majority in the parliament. Two-third majority being the majority required to pass most constitutional amendment .

Since then the party has grown tremendously as a chauvinist Chinese party and the concept of Malaysian Malaysia as it carries is a vehicle to leverage its political power in the Chinese community and the liberal Malays minds.
Most Malay political leaders and scholars have agreed that the concept of Malaysian Malaysia is inspired by the PAP leader, Lee Kuan Yew. The Dewan Masyarakat, February 1975 stated;
The separation of Singapore from Malaysia is not at all stoping Mr Lee from campaigning “ and promulgating the concept of Malaysian Malaysia” in Malaysian politics. The DAP was said exist to continue the aspiration in of PAP in Malaysia.”

Despite a long array of criticism of DAP political inclination, during the Tunku’s government up until today, the DAP would never alter its form and determination.

The sojourn of several MPs from PAP in Penang in 2012 and the private meeting with the Chief Minister of Penang reinforces the public perception that the DAP and PAP have a political relationship despite Guan Eng’s denial on the column of Awang Selamat.

Meeting on the issue of Islamic law and regulation in which some “ulamas” felt it is necessary to bring for discussions, or any suggestion for enactment,  the DAP, in a consistence manner  against it. The eminent issue, the RUU 335,  the language, the thoughts and conduct of the DAP’s in parliament reflect their animosity towards Islam. Not to mention other religious issues concerning Islam in the Penang Island. There are abundance of evidence that the DAP believes in person's faith alone will suffice to bear good fruit which is contradict to Islamic teaching.
If the Party Pakatan Harapan rules the country. Will the DAP agree upon protecting the article 153 of the Federal constitution? Whereas the DAP was born with the emotional state of  anti Malay supremacy. The DAP, the party that is having less influence among the Malay voter is becoming powerful and confidence after Mahathir’s endorsement. What is in the Mahathir’ mind?

Will it be appropriate to take in the DAP in a coalition as to convince the Chinese voters not to support the MCA that has long been cooperating with the Malay since Independent?. Perhaps, Mahathir is a good historian, or a sociologist who can analyze the future politics of Malaysia. After Malaya gain independence and subsequent years until 2000, Malaysia had gone through the process of transformation from traditional to modern society. Today, Malaysia is still in the modern transition period, although the era of globalization embrace in the country. Ironically, Malaysia is still keeping traditional and conservative system due to culturally bound which is seemingly incongruent with the mental development of generation Y.

Perhaps, Mahathir perceives that this transitional process might give him an advantage in defeating Najib since Najib preserves the UMNO old traditions.
The question is, how? Does his vision would benefit the Malay, the answer is no. His action can be described as the Malay proverb says, “sakit hati pada nyamuk kelambu dibakar.

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